Thomas Farmer, PsyD

30b86935-5717-4705-bf13-2e2d53615017I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and Health Psychology at Bastyr University and the director of clinical training for the Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology (MSNCHP). I also serve as a clinical supervisor for counseling at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. I completed my doctoral internship at Miami Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, where I provided assessment and treatment with children/adolescents/families with a range of medical illness and psychopathology. In addition, I have trained at the University of Chicago Hospitals with a focus on pediatric psychology and neuropsychology. As a licensed professional, I also have extensive experience with psychological assessment working across the lifespan, as well as therapy with both children and adults. My doctoral graduate degree was Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

My professional interests include teaching, clinical work and supervision, and administrative work. I enjoy the balance of taking on the many roles of a psychologist. As a system focused treatment provider and educator, I have an interest in how larger systems impact individuals, and the converse. As a result, I value advocacy and participatory research. My approach to clinical work is no different. I desire strongly to empower my clients through interpersonal focuses that also lend themselves to exploring our relationship with many other individuals and systems. My client’s wellbeing and growth is at the forefront of my treatment and assessment approach. When required, I am happy to consult with other individuals (eg, spouses, schools and teachers), in order to ensure our work together is effective and transitions to the real world outside of therapy.

I am an active member of the Council of Applied Master’s in Psychology Programs, as well as the Council of Master’s in Counseling Training Programs. Previously, I have served on both local and national training organizations in psychology.

Treatment and Assessment Focus:

Psychological Assessment- Children and Adults; Neuropsychological Assessment- Children and Adults;  Individual Therapy; Family Therapy