Dr. Blasi pretty much changed my life!  I have so many different physical and dietary issues and she was able to bring it all together for me.  Her goal is to get to the bottom of any problem I have.  She listens to me and thoughtfully forms a plan of attack.  We do acupuncture and cupping for my muscle issues.  She also helped me through some dietary changes with food allergy testing and other important tests.  We were able to eliminate so many issues!  She is about the whole person!

I have been seeing Dr. Blasi for over 8 years now and cannot say enough good things about her.  Dr. Blasi takes her time to understand her patients needs and truly investigate any concern that is brought to the table.  She is wise, thoughtful and creative in her approaches- reaching out to specialists if needed.  Dr. Blasi has a tender manner, listens well and has massive amounts of patient empathy- but can also face really hard problems and keep things in perspective with the patient in regards to possible outcomes and next steps.  Dr. Blasi looks a at the whole patient rather than just the symptom.  If facing something big- she looks at it from all angels and puts together the complete puzzle to have the information needed to make decisions and plan for care. She is truly a blessing to me and my family.  I trust her totally and completely with my healthy and the health of the people that I love most in the world.  I would recommend her with out any hesitation to anyone that would ask! 

Dr. Blasi listens, cares and heals. I had seasonal allergies for a very-very long time, and  they just got worse every year. I’ve seen many doctors and prescriptions, but there was no considerable improvement of my health condition. When I finally met Dr. Blasi, her simple and holistic approach made me well in a relatively short period of time. Through her I regained my confidence in medicine and natural healing practices, which were long gone before, when nothing seemed to help anymore. I would strongly recommend Jennifer Blasi as a doctor, for everyone fighting allergies and general immunity system problems.

Great help

Super 1st experience with acupuncture. Enjoyed the insight and course of treatment. Will look forward to next time.


5 stars

Thank you Dr Blasi!

I enjoyed it a lot! Dr Blasy was very helpfull! I learned new ways to stay healthy and take better care of myself.


5 stars

Detox Program

I am so glad that I signed up for the detox program with Dr.Blasi and her staff. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive.I now have a new way of looking at the food I eat and making the right choices.


5 stars

Detox program

Dr Blasi is very knowledgeable and caring.    I learned so much about nutrition- I will try to continue adapt to the new life style- thanks so much!


5 stars

Anti-inflamatory diet /detox program

Dr. Blasi is very knowledgable, pleasant and caring. I learned interesting facts about nutrition, alternatives cures and polution-free lifestyle. I had adopted some of her recommendations into my life.


4 stars

Acupuncture with Dr. Blasi

I really enjoyed my first acupuncture session with Dr. Blasi. She is very competent and compassionate. The office setting is comfortable.


5 stars